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5 Time Management Hacks Event Producers Can Benefit From

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

An event producer with excellent time management skills is a force to be reckoned with. Regarding time management, we all have our methods of managing our day. This is no exception for event production teams when everything that needs to be on time is crucial, especially when various moving parts are happening simultaneously. Event producers must focus on the details that, if not understood, will lead to disaster and ultimately a failed event. Here are some helpful time management hacks that every event producer can benefit from to execute their events more efficiently.

Rome, Italy
Vision Matrix Production Team In Rome

1. Determine The Goals First

As an event producer, setting realistic and scheduled goals that align with the clients' desires is everything. The event production team should set goals for the event itself before doing anything else for an event. Set aside plenty of time to communicate what needs to happen at every step of executing the event. Setting aside this time and expecting everything to run smoothly will cause a collapse in clarity and focus once on the event's location for production day.

2. Make Sure That The Cue Sheet Is Set

The client has a vision. Turning that vision into a successful event production requires a solid grasp of the necessary flow. Take the production cue sheet and alter it to fit every element the production team can easily manage. If the plan isn't straightforward and orderly, the production team will lose time, and the roles won't be clearly defined and assigned.

Tami Lesser, Josh Lesser
Tami & Josh Lesser, Owners of Vision Matrix

3. Lead.

Lead the event production team to the client's vision, and make yourself available for all event production team members. Trusting the event production team is crucial but demands leadership and constant communication to avoid any time-managed derailments on site. Once the event production staff understands every detail, there will be minor miscommunication, and the roles and timeliness of each are clear-cut. The stage manager often takes hold of the cue sheet as soon as the live event production is underway.

4. Manage The Changes That Come

Event hiccups are inevitable. A strong event producer will be adaptable to whatever inconveniences arise. Make sure that the team understands potential changes to thrust the wheel back in motion, from excellent pre-production to a bit of improvisation on the day of the event. In short, please don't wait for the changes; instead, plan for them ahead of time.

5. Use Technology To Help The Flow

Many available tools are at one's disposal that helps create a better flow and manage time on set. Event software today saves time, and working on the same path with the event production team is what makes or breaks live event production and even virtual event productions. Technology is a valuable asset for managing time much easier as it helps with being equipped with real-time changes. A platform that allows everyone to sync together in one arena is incredibly beneficial. Event management technologies have become quite simple and a must-have for all event production staff.


Time management for event productions is the most valuable tool, and being fully capable of rolling with the punches takes communication and readiness. Vision Matrix has the experience to tackle every type of event production imaginable. Vision Matrix delivers a one-of-a-kind experience with a production team that goes above and beyond always.

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