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7 Best Practices In Event Production

Updated: May 21, 2022

By: Dani Bernal

The best event productions always take the initiative to develop a deep level of understanding toward what it takes to go above and beyond the clients' goals and needs. From event production goals to crafting an engaging environment that excites the audience, it all matters.

Let's break down 7 of the most crucial practices that every event production company should know.

1. Understanding What Event Production Companies Do

A lot more goes into event production than one realizes, and it is quite different from event planning and event management. Event production deals with the incredibly elaborate presentation of an event. The visuals, audio, construction, entertainment, and vendors to the overall smooth presentation are all parts of an event to prioritize. To make an epic event come to life, make sure you understand the scope of every aspect that goes into putting together a memorable event. No piece should be left unattended, and everything from the invitation list, clean-up crew to a backup entertainer, should be thought of in detail.

2. Turning Your Clients' Dream Into A Reality

A successful and appreciated event production company is willing to think outside the box and get their hands dirty with the details. Handling a clients' vision seamlessly on their end, be it a live event production or virtual, comes with understanding the complexity of what is involved. Ensuring satisfaction for both the client and attendees is the end goal.

3. Make It Memorable

Serving the client first is vital, but not second to pleasing your clients' guests. Creating an experience that glues the guests to future engagements with the client is what this is all about. An event production company must guide the audience clearly and authentically. It's a service unlike any other. The moment that the attendee receives the invite to expectations met at the event is what makes memories and a lasting impression.

4. Create A Mood

The best-executed events create a setting that targets a mood. A mood? Yes, a mood. To have the audience connected to an event and not feel underwhelmed by a lack of experiencing and learning something new is required. Keeping them interested means so much more than anything during the entire event production process. From lighting to the guests' tables and different stage settings, every aspect of the atmosphere matters.

5. Building A Successful Team

Turning your clients' vision into reality doesn't come from a single person but rather an event production team who knows how to execute the event's expectations. Whether a live event or a virtual event, having a team makes or breaks everything, so communication is critical. Communicate with your team and make sure that everything is flowing on schedule. Have a crew you can trust and rely on to work with the clients early on to set the bar where it needs to be.

6. Marketing With Event Awareness

Whether producing a virtual event production or a live event production, it all applies the same. Know which audience needs to be in the loop. It is essential to be ahead of the curve before the event. Consider age, interests, and hobbies as different audiences are attracted to their types of event interests. Always be aware and on top of email marketing, social media, and content marketing, as they are some of the most robust tools that every event production company can use.

7. Be Prepared Before And During The Event

There are many moving parts when producing an event. Pre-production, being on location days before and the day off, and wrapping up needs to be understood. Pre-production needs to happen at least three to four months before the event day. Develop an understanding of the clients' goals and needs, including the concept, schedule, and complete breakdown of the event. Several days before the event, make sure that the flow is secure and that the client is up to date with all that is developing, as they may want to adjust something at the last minute. The client comes first. Wrapping up includes breaking down everything and loading up after a fantastic event!


Event production companies should take value in what they do. Vision Matrix lives for this. Vision Matrix takes event producing to a whole new level and finds success in successful events for their clients by going above and beyond to make an unforgettable experience.

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