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9 Benefits of Working With An Event Production Company

Updated: May 21, 2022

By: Dani Bernal

Planning an event is not an easy task. Many event planners on the West Coast who plan their events go through much hassle. However, event planners can avoid this struggle if only they let a professional event production company handle complex tasks such as staging, video display, video capture, speaker support, lighting, and audio engineering. Hiring a professional event production company is ideal if you have no idea how to handle such intricate technicalities.

Here at Vision Matrix, we've prepared reasons you may want to consider hiring a production team to handle the details of your event. This way you can focus on more important things such as presentation content, presenter support, donor guest list RSVPs, getting the press to show up at your event, creating a marketing plan to promote your event, and even taking a minute to breathe.

Advantages of working with an event production company

1. Save Time

Planning the event of your desires is possible. Time as a factor, however, is cause for alarm. Event planners take so much time because many things need to be considered without eliminating anything from the to-do list. Much is on your plate. Especially, if you are head of events at a non-profit and are planning the annual gala. Even if you have been planning events for years, time is hardly ever on your side because inconveniences are inevitable. With an event production company like Vision Matrix by your side, you can focus on the bigger picture of pulling off your event while we focus on the intricate details, and your event will be executed promptly.

2. Peace of Mind

Event planning is an elaborate process that is highly stressful. Many errands must be taken care of; staff must be recruited and hired, the guest list must be impeccable, one must ensure the food is delicious, the sponsorship needs to be secured, the list goes on. Yet, you must make sure that it all gets done. No matter the nature of the event, working hand in hand with an event production company will relieve you from a lot of the worries and stress that come with planning an event.

Table Ornaments by Vision Matrix

Let's face it! Not everyone can bring out high levels of creativity unless they are professionals. When hiring an event production team like Vision Matrix, you'll get exactly what you hired them for and get something bigger and better while hitting your budget goals. When hiring a production company, something to keep in mind is that whatever you're thinking of doing, they will have already done something similar, if not more extensive, and with their expetise, they can guide you towards creating an otherworldly event.

4. More Bang for Your Buck

When planning an event, your budget is very important. Whether you are the event planner for a non-profit or the event planner for your company's yearly gala, your budget is crucial. Everyone loves to see if what they are spending their money on is worth it. Many people worry that working with an event production company is pricey. On the contrary, event production companies know what their clients want and budget wisely according to their budget to give the very best within the spending limit.

5. Effective Risk Management

Every event planned, even by professionals, has a margin of error. In case of disasters, an event production company will know how to deal with the situation because they have dealt with it repeatedly. The experience they hold to solve inconveniences is most efficient. Even if one had all hands on deck from their entire office team, an event production company could mitigate disasters far better and more efficiently than anyone else.

6. Customer Satisfaction

Professional event planners deliver what you request. An important fact you as an event owner should put in mind is the satisfaction of your event attendees. Do you want to follow up and know if your event was a success? The event production company can do that for you because they have the resources needed to determine the attendees' satisfaction.

7. Reachable Contacts

Event production companies have access to contacts that could be useful in planning your event. Working with these professionals is essential as it allows for reaching people and connections you never had before.

8. Legality Experts

Does planning your event require you to go through many legalities? Working with an event production company will save you from the process because as they prepare your event, they take care of everything, including legalities. With the number of events they have taken care of, permits, insurance, security, and more can be addressed by a production company easily.

9. If you can imagine it, it can be done.

Professional event producers are excellent at ensuring every event detail becomes a reality, and they will exceed expectations. Their expertise can elevate your original idea tenfold. In turn, they deliver a noteworthy event.

Conference Room of Dreams By Vision Matrix Productions


The best way to plan your events is by working with an event production company. An event production company will be by your side before, during, and even after the event. Hiring an event production company will alleviate stress, gain you time, provide expertise in areas you are unsure about, and elevate your event tremendously.


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