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Different Ways Time-Lapse Video Can Be Used for Your Next Event

A time-lapse is the process of speeding up the passage of time so that events seem to happen faster. This can be done by taking pictures at regular intervals and assembling them into a video. The resulting video shows an event happening gradually, over a period of hours or days, in just seconds or minutes.

A time-lapse video is a fantastic way to grab interest in events. What is engaging about time-lapse videos is the various ways they can be used before, during, or after an event. When we think of a time-lapse video, we often think of a sped-up clip of a tree growing or the construction of a high-rise building, but time-lapses can be used for much more, and we highly encourage budgeting them in your next event.

Transformative Videos

Transformative videos can showcase the before and after, while speeding up the often tedious middle portion, and are an excellent tool to showcase an event's design process and transformations. This might be a video demonstrating setting up a stage for a concert or the deconstruction afterward, or a ballroom getting set up with lighting and décor. Regardless of the subject, transformative time-lapse videos are a great way to show an extensive process in a way that is stimulating to your guests.

Venue Walkthrough

Seeing where a live event is going to be hosted beforehand is something guests value and get excited about, but often when people take videos of a conference hall or gala locale at real-time speed, the footage can be shaky and too slow-moving - which isn’t effective at grabbing the attention of potential guests. Time-lapse videos allow a production company to film a complete walkthrough of a venue while presenting it at a quick pace to keep viewers interested, yet slow enough to display the essential details.

Audience Turnout

Nothing motivates people like FOMO (fear of missing out). Humans are social creatures, and seeing interest in an event from peers often generates one’s own interest and is crucial in getting a larger turnout for your next live event. It's inspiring for prospective guests to see time-lapses of large crowds of people filtering through venues, whether traveling from stage to stage at a music festival, or seeing groups of people fill up a ballroom room or concert hall.

Setting Up and Breaking Down

Doug Johnson, Media Manager, Operations at Vision Matrix, shared, “People often have no idea how much goes into a show, and time-lapses are great at correcting that.” Showing the setup and breakdown process of production for an event can truly showcase the amount of time and effort that goes into every live event and can fascinate prospective guests. Setup and breakdown footage is excellent for gaining more RSVPs and allows for some great content to present to prospective sponsors. Sponsors love to see what an event planner is capable of, and when they see the magic behind the setup and breakdown of an event in a concise time-lapse, it makes for a thrilling and impressive presentation for your next pitch to sponsors.

Whether a time-lapse is of the building of a stage, the comings and goings of guests, or a ballroom being decorated, it is an effective and entertaining tool that we highly recommend considering for your next live event. It’s an interest-grabbing, high-speed watch that allows guests and sponsors a special look behind the scenes.

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