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Different Ways Time Lapses Can Be Used in Your Next Corporate Video


Timelapses allow for a more engaging way to show or explain important information. In its nature, it is eye-catching and often gives a video a high-production feel (while remaining low cost). Corporate videos, while vital, tend to be less entertaining. Here are a few ways you can use time lapses to spruce up your next corporate video.

  1. Advertising for a new product or service

A timelapse is perfect for advertising and informing about a new company, event, product, or service. You can show the beginning, middle, and end of the story behind your idea in a fast-paced way to keep viewers' attention. For example, if you are re-branding a product, you may want to show the differences between them side by side in a timelapse.

  1. Construction

Building something from the ground up is rewarding and inspiring. There is no better way to capture this footage than using time lapse, displaying the work put into the project from start to finish. Suppose you demonstrate the efficiency of putting together an LED wall for live event production. In that case, you can film the construction and speed it up to make it more palatable. The same can be set with setting up and taking down a stage for a live event.

  1. Pattern display

The human brain is wired to recognize and appreciate patterns. Sometimes, patterns only emerge with time, thus making complete footage challenging to grasp. Timelapses help us consume large sets of visual data in a way that is easier to comprehend. In , this may be vital when trying to show staff customer patterns. For example, a pattern that may be displayed to a crew or team is where foot traffic naturally takes consumers. Imagine creating a large-scale event layout, and you are tasked with deciding where different booths or stages are to be positioned. Using a timelapse to track foot traffic patterns allows you to see where the high-priority areas are and plan accordingly.


Corporate videos contain pertinent and vital information but are typically not the most entertaining. A great way to change that is by using time lapse videography to display important information. Timelapses break down extensive visual data in a simple and digestible way while allowing patterns to emerge that we humans can recognize and use. Time lapses can be used for entertainment but are also a tremendous asset when creating your next corporate video.

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