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Different Ways Timelapse Can Be Used in Your Next Event


A timelapse video can be used in many different ways to grab interest during your next event. When we think of a timelapse video, we often think of a sped-up clip of a tree growing or the construction of a high-rise building, but time lapses can be used for much more.

  1. Transitional videos

Transitional videos happen between the “before” and “after” and are an excellent option for your product, service, or company. This might be a video demonstrating setting up a stage for a concert or the deconstruction afterward. Regardless of the subject, transitional timelapse videos are a great way to show an extensive process in a way that is palatable to an audience. By offering the before and after while speeding up the often tedious middle portion, you are showing the content in an engaging way.

  1. Venue layout/walk through

Seeing where a live event is going to be hosted beforehand is something audiences value, but there is nothing more boring than seeing a conference hall or gala locale at real-time speed while someone films with a shaky hand. Time-lapse videos allow you to film a complete walkthrough of a venue while presenting it at a quick pace to keep interest and slow enough to display the essential details.

  1. Audience turnout

There is nothing that motivates like FOMO (fear of missing out). Showing the potential guests that other people are interested is a crucial factor in getting a large turnout for your next live event. Humans are social creatures, and seeing interest from peers generates personal interest. By filming the comings and goings of the audience during a live event production, you are effectively helping to spur motivation to attend the next event. We have all seen the timelapses of large crowds of people filtering through different venues, whether traveling from stage to stage at a music festival, seeing groups of people pause to look at art in a museum, or watching people make their way through conferences.

  1. When to play

Time Lapse videos are best played in critical moments when you need to grab or keep attention. Event producers can play time lapses to entertain guests while waiting in a long line, getting them ready for the event by showing footage of the previous events. Additionally, you can show the setup and take-down process of the venue (or venues alike) to display the time and effort that goes into every live event. Another effective way is to use it in advertising to generate more RSVPs.


Whether a time lapse is of the construction of a building or the comings and goings of guests, it is an effective and entertaining marketing tool that should be utilized at your next live event. It is interest-grabbing and allows guests to get another look at the event itself.

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