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Extraordinary AR Moments From The VMA's 2022 That Can Benefit Your Corporate Events

AR technology has integrated itself into the mainstream world of event production. AR can be used at smaller corporate events, such as allowing clients to test out new products, or it can be seen creating show-stopping performances like during this year's VMAs. Regardless of the scale it is used for, AR technology can benefit your corporate events! Here are some extraordinary AR moments from the VMAs 2022 that prove just that.

1. VMA AR Moments

Before discussing the spectacular AR moments, we must define what AR is. AR is augmented reality, an experience defined by the interaction between real-world environments and technological enhancement. A classic example of AR would be the mobile game Pokémon Go.

● Snoop Dogg and Eminem's Hybrid-Metaverse Performance

Snoop Dogg and Eminem put on a spectacular hybrid-metaverse performance, displaying their animated Monkey NFT characters performing in an alternate dimension. The concert was mainly CG, as the two rappers dubbed backstage and let the fantastic visuals captivate the crowd. "Essentially, you are mixing media. You're mixing live performance with playback to create it, or you're running it through a server such as a disguise and automating that into something that they are not", explained Josh Lesser, Vision Matrix Productions owner, and executive technical producer.

● Johnny Depp Moon Person, Rau Alejandro's Giant Dancing Cartoon,

The Johnny Depp Moon Person, which was digitally imposed into the space suit's helmet as it floated down from the ceiling, left fans stunned and wondering about the technology at the VMAs and jaws dropped with Rauw Alejandro larger than life's dancing cartoon on stage. Both

impressive technological stunts were made possible by the event production team. For both performances, "We're looking at Unreal Engine, which is the product used to build all of this stuff. At the VMAs, they use this technology to create those AR experiences," Josh Lesser explained, "It's like taking a Snapchat filter and making a broadcast live on television, so essentially you're putting a filter on a broadcast camera similar to what Snapchat does we just used a lot more sophisticated servers to do it."

● Bad Bunny Live Stream

One of the night's biggest highlights was Bad Bunny's performance. Fans were impressed that while on his world tour, Bad Bunny still received a Moon Person trophy and performed live from Yankee Stadium. Even though the VMAs were held at Prudential Center in Newark, NJ., The stage was elaborately decorated with wedding-dress-clad backup dancers and palm trees, and though it was an entire state away, it still felt as though his performance was live at the VMAs. Although fans were impressed by this use of technology, according to Josh Lesser, delivering this kind of effect for an event is not as complicated as one would think. A type of technology that VM can do seamlessly with no hassle for any size of event worldwide.

2. Using AR at Corporate Events

● Hybrid entertainment

People retain essential information when it is delivered memorably. Using AR at corporate live events can significantly increase the experience. Although nobody expects a lecturer to rap as an animated monkey, imagine how much more memorable a conference or seminar would be if it were half animated like the Snoop Dogg and Eminem metaverse concert.

● Delivering important information

While it does not need to be as extravagant as the Johnny Depp Moon Person or Rauw Alejandros performance, similarly, displaying important information is very helpful and entertaining at any live event.

● Simulcast/live streaming

Simulcasting or live streaming information is another AR moment from the VMA's that can be utilized in a corporate space. As Josh Lesser mentions, it's exceptionally doable for any size of event. Like Bad Bunny's performance, not all speakers or performers need to be physically present to make an impact.

AR technology used to feel like a thing of the future, but it has recently become more mainstream as live event production has integrated more technology. AR can be used for entertainment, such as the VMAs but can also be implemented in more professional environments such as corporate events. Whether it's a lecture, a seminar, or a fundraiser, AR has a place at your next corporate event.

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