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How Laughter and Connection with Your Team Promotes Effective Communication While Producing Events

When producing large-scale events, having clear and effective communication within the team is key to ensuring a successful event or project. Our team thrives in the fast-paced, high-pressure nature of event production. Because of our strong relationships, clear communication, and fun humor with each other, it mitigates the impact of stress and tension on the production process. To ensure effective communication to produce successful events or projects, it is essential to prioritize time for laughter and connection within the team. In this article, we show how our team prioritizes humor and makes time for building & strengthening relationships which allows for better communication and improving an events’ overall success.

Breaking Down Barriers

Laughter is a powerful tool in promoting better communication and breaking down barriers between team members. It can help to relieve stress, create a more relaxed atmosphere, and encourage open and honest dialogue. Team members can build rapport and establish stronger relationships by taking the time to engage in lighthearted team activities and sharing in some group laughter. This, in turn, leads to a more positive work environment and a better ability to work together as a team and tackle milestones effectively and efficiently. Co-owner of Vision Matrix, Josh Lesser, enjoys pranking the staff regularly. He’s also notorious for taking a rubber frog to all events and having him pose for photos of our swankiest affairs. Check him out here; he is sitting pretty at the Melanoma Research Alliance event held last year at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York.

Team Building Activities

In addition to laughter, creating opportunities for connection with your team is essential to promoting better communication. At Vision Matrix we do this by organizing team building activities, such as birthday potlucks as pictured above, or simply by taking the time to get to know one another personally through our virtual event “Hot Beverage Day”. On Hot Beverage Day, the staff meets remotely with our favorite warm drinks, and we play a question game to get to know each other better. Each question leads to discussions, laughter, and so much more! At Vision Matrix, it is essential for our team members to have a strong connection and understanding of one another allowing us to better communicate and work together toward a common goal.

Increased Creativity

Prioritizing laughter and connection time can also help increase creativity and innovation. We have noticed that when our team members are relaxed and comfortable with one another, they are more likely to feel empowered to share their ideas and opinions, leading to more collaboration and better outcomes for the events we produce. Thoughtfulness to Break Tension At Vision Matrix, we often produce large, complex conferences worldwide boasting impressive guest and speaker lists. No matter how busy we are or how intricate the event produced, we make a point of always recognizing important staff events. Tami Lesser, co-owner of Vision Matrix, always makes time to recognize team birthdays and work anniversaries.

Recently, we produced a Palm Beach Gala for The Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF), and the day of the show coincided with our production manager Melissa’s birthday. The team scheduled a time to recognize Melissa with a special dessert and to commemorate her special day, while ensuring everything on the event production was seamless.

Additionally, management recently brought to the office a little Valentine's Day succulent plant for each desk area. Tabitha, VM’s production manager conveyed, "This not only brightened our workday but also brought the team together by reminding us that small, kind gestures can motivate and unite us –in-office or onsite at an event.” It takes a team to do what we do.

In conclusion, prioritizing time for laughter and connection with your team is critical to promoting better communication in the planning and production of an event or project. By creating a positive, relaxed work environment, team members can build strong relationships, communicate more effectively, and work together to achieve a successful outcome. Engage in activities that promote laughter and connection, and you will likely see a significant improvement in communication and the overall outcome of your event or project.

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