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How to Choose the Best Production Company For Your Next Event

Updated: May 21, 2022

By: Dani Bernal

One of the vital decisions to make when planning a corporate event is deciding which production company to partner up with. Corporate events must be executed meticulously because your brand's image is on the line. Choosing the wrong production company can deliver a below-standard event and tarnish your brand's likability. Selecting the best production company is an important step since it allows you to do the following;

  • Assign management tasks to a team of experts

  • Partner with a company ready to protect your interests while implementing what is best for your business.

  • Execute their role with loyalty and adhere to the stated budget

  • Practice creative and critical thinking in all the decisions they make concerning your corporate event

  • Deliver a successful and productive event.

This article is the ultimate guide on choosing the best production company for your next event.

1. Choose an experienced team.

When it comes to choosing the best, consider asking them following questions:

  • How long has your company been producing & planning corporate events?

  • Does your company have any reviews available for the public?

  • How efficiently can you build a stage?

  • How does your production team handle audio & visual problems?

  • Does your production company take care of signage?

  • Does your team provide IT and AV services?

  • Can your team handle providing branding materials for the day of the event?

  • Are you able to handle sound expertise for live entertainment?

Suppose they can detail each of these questions instead of just answering yes or no. In that case, you're on your way to hiring a fantastic production team.

2. Choose a production company that aligns with your field of interest.

Make sure that the majority of their experience comes from producing corporate events. A great production company understands the audience they are producing for. It will assure you better results since they have a clear picture of what to do.

In todays digital world, there are many platforms you can search for these references and/or reviews. You can check their company website, yelp, google reviews, LinkedIn, Facebook page, and even other available social sites. This will give you a clear picture if they are the production company you have been looking for or not.

4. Can they provide highly skilled technical capabilities?

Ensure the event production company you choose can integrate audio, video, lighting, entertainment, and catering services to deliver a top-notch event. The best productions companies have a well-staffed team to handle these moving parts of an event. Make sure they have dedicated experts in those fields and that they can adequately handle emergencies. Chose a team that is experienced enough to know what to do and what not to do. Hire a group that includes the lead producer, key engineers, video/ audio experts, production coordinator, and other experts. Click here to learn Vision Matrix team of experts.

5. Company Culture and Teammate Matter

Hire a production company that has a united team. One that is ready to work towards the same course is what you want. More often than not, a company with a great relationship with their teammates ensures that there are fewer people they are training and will lead to a more efficient process when they are producing your elaborate event.

It should be easier to choose the best production company to help you plan your next corporate event with the above tips to hire a company that alleviates stress and helps you plan a seamless event with ease. Take your time and make a shortlist of all the companies you wish to work with; from there, assess each company, and eventually, come up with the best. Good luck!


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