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How to Get More RSVPs in 2023  

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

At some point in life, many of us have found ourselves on both sides of the RSVP coin: anxiously waiting and tallying up RSVPs for our event or flirting with the idea of attending an event and facing RSVP-commitment issues. For you, as an event planner, the goal is to design an event that guests don’t even have to think twice about when filling out that RSVP. Here are our top five tips when it comes to increasing your event RSVPs in 2023: 

Reward returning guests

Create loyalty by incentivizing guests to return to your future events by offering them a personalized discount coupon for the next event. By doing this, you are planting the seed for them to attend your next live or hybrid event. In this article by Big Commerce, they offer some great stats on why coupons really do work as well as some creative ways to offer them.

Promoting on social media

Social media can be a key tool in reminding people that an event date is approaching. Rather than reminding your guests through emails, which could be mistaken for spam or junk and tossed aside, remind them by promoting your event on all your social media channels. Consider a highlight reel or story using footage of past events that highlight the fantastic live or hybrid events your team is capable of.  

Let attendees have a say

Allowing attendees to feel involved in the decision-making process generates a more significant, more enthusiastic outcome. Guests want to see their contributions, and suggestions in action, and you guarantee a larger turnout by incorporating some of the feedback from your invitees. 

Make it easy to RSVP

Finally, make it easy to RSVP! This is such an essential factor in the RSVP process, as a lengthy or complicated RSVP process can ultimately deter guests from attending. What to include in an RSVP to make it easy: 

  • Clear, large text 

  • Necessary details only: Time, Location, Dress Code, Meal Choice

  • Two-click system: one click to indicate if attending, one click to submit 


The most important step in any live or hybrid event is getting people to attend. RSVPs are the first interaction a guest will have with your event. Make a great first impression by having a quick and easy process that gets them excited for the event. 

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