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How to Incorporate Technology and Art into Your Events

Digital Interactive Floor Projection: Facebook Connections Event Photo by By: John Hollack

When technology and art collide, amazing things emerge. As the world continues to transform into a more tech-centric society, and with art and technology becoming more synonymous daily, we are thrilled to see the impact this has on the evolution of the event industry. Below are a few ways companies can mix technology and art at live and hybrid events:

Incorporate interactive installations

Light Installation at MoMA 2023. Photo by: Vision Matrix Productions

For guests, there is no better way to create a lasting connection to an event than to be able to interact with it. Use technology to create interactive installations that allow your guests to engage and participate in the art curated at your event. This could include projection mapping, virtual reality experiences, or interactive light displays.

Utilize social media

Social media is one of the most influential digital assets companies have today. Understanding how to utilize social media in your live and hybrid events, to combine technology and art, is vital and gives your company an edge against competitors. Encourage guests to share their event experiences and incorporate social media into the art appreciation process. This could involve creating unique hashtags, creating a new filter for guests to use, or live-streaming parts of the event on social media platforms and allowing subscribers to bid on art pieces.

Enhance the visuals

Rihanna at Super Bowl LVII Photo by: Hollywood Reporter 2023

Technology can create visual elements, but it can also enhance already existing visual aspects of the event. This could include creating digital backdrops, using motion graphics in presentations, holographic technology, or using drones to capture aerial footage. An excellent example of how technology can enhance the visuals during an event can be seen during this year’s Superbowl halftime show. Rihanna performed on suspended LED-lit platforms during this year’s halftime show. This visual artistry production was revolutionary for the Superbowl because nothing like this had ever been done before, and it continues to have people talking about the event weeks later.

Include digital art

Incorporate digital art into the event by showcasing digital paintings, animations, or other forms of digital media. Incorporating digital art in your event could be done through projections or by creating a digital art exhibit space. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are great for this! Having an NFT gallery at your event will delight guests due to the multimedia functions each NFT is embedded with. NFTs are known to have multimedia within their artwork. The multimedia embedded in the NFT can be a still image, music, or video. An NFT can have one of these facets and/or all three happening simultaneously. That's what makes them so exciting! Not only is this fantastic exposure for artists, but it showcases an event's technological highlights. Just ensure you have a high-quality projector or LED screens to show them off.

Offer tech-based workshops

Another great way to incorporate technology and art is to offer workshops or demonstrations that show how technology can be used to create art. Experiences like coding workshops, digital design tutorials, or hands-on demonstrations of technology-based art tools allow guests to interact with the event on a personal and memorable level.

The blend of art and technology has the unique ability to dazzle the world. As the digital age continues to evolve, everything it touches, including art, is becoming more impressive by the day. Due to this, it is wise for companies to continue incorporating technology and art into events to create a unique and memorable experience for guests.

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