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Is a Career in Event Production Worth it?


Event production as a career is unique unto itself. To be a successful event producer, you must be creative yet organized. Bold, yet practical. You have to be goal-oriented yet put effort into the small details. While this field may not be for everybody, it is absolutely worth it for those willing to work hard to excel in event production.

What is an Event Producer? You may ask yourself, "what exactly is an event producer"?

What does it take to be an event producer?

  1. Education

Most event producers have a bachelor's degree from a university. Majoring in a subject such as business or communications is helpful and boosts a resume, but ultimately is not required.

  1. Technical skill and experience

Anyone working in an event production company must have various technical skills, many of which are learned with experience. An event producer must be familiar with all the different divisions that make a live event, such as AV, vendors, venues, and anyone on staff and crew. Because the event producer oversees all of this, they must be able to navigate all the different "languages" needed for smooth production. For example, an event producer must communicate goals into something accessible to the whole team. For that reason, event producers are often tasked with "translating" the cue sheet.

Aside from technical skills, an event producer must communicate proficiently and have polished people skills. Pros of Event Production

  1. Industry

Working for a live event production company has many perks. You have experience in an industry that is constantly growing, you can meet amazing people, and if you are lucky, you might work for a company that puts on amazing concerts.

  1. Salary

Salary is another benefit of working in the industry. A lot determines a salary, such as location, qualification, company, and area of expertise (AV, management, etc.). For example, average event producers in Los Angeles make $104,759 yearly. Conclusion A career in event production is worth it for many reasons. Aside from generous pay, it also allows you to enter a fascinating industry constantly growing and changing. It requires a lot of hands-on learning and experience but ultimately is worth it for anyone with the drive and dedication.

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