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New Year’s Resolutions Your Company Should Be Making

There is no doubt that 2023 will be a year for growth. When a company experiences growth, there will be more events to host! Picking and upholding resolutions from our list ensures you, your clients, and your company events start the new year right.

Work on your online presence

In 2023, everyone's online presence could use a makeover. Technology is advancing faster than we realize, and you want to stay caught up. Here are some areas for improvement:

  • Social media presence

  • User interface for company websites

  • SEO

  • Blogs/articles

Incorporate more elements of the metaverse

Speaking of technological advancement, things are shifting to the metaverse- and fast! We hope to see you there. In the meantime, making small changes will set you and your company apart from the rest; instead of strictly hosting a live event, spring for a virtual or hybrid event. As an event production company, we know a thing or two about hosting events and incorporating hybrid technology is sure to win over any crowd.

Build stronger customer relations

This is a given for any company, as there is no downside! Having stronger customer relations will only build trust for your brand and help your event goals come to fruition. By getting feedback (and incorporating it), customers and guests know that you care about their experiences.

Give back

The holiday season is about giving! A fantastic way to lift spirits amongst your company, guests, and the community, is by finding ways to give back. Here are some of our favorite ways to do that:

  • Match donations

  • Incentivize customers of your brand to donate- and then match it!

  • Have your staff volunteer together

  • Support local food drives

  • Collect clothes/support a clothing drive

  • Put on pro bono events

Not only is this good for the community, but it's also for your company. It helps people know where your goals are and what you care about. And if that isn't convincing enough- it's a great tax right off!

Leave the production to the pros

A New Year's resolution that everyone should make is always to hire an event production company like Vision Matrix! Making sure your events are top quality for you, your guests, and your company is best done by hiring experts. No matter how big or small- your event deserves to be run by pros.

As the new year rolls around, ensure your company is living up to its potential by setting some resolutions! Whether it's giving back to the community, hiring an event production company, or introducing more technology, make 2023 the best year your company has seen yet.

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