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Sneak Peak Of The Post-Production Phase Of Event Production

Now that your dream event has come to life, it is time for the event production company to ensure a clean event wrap-up and content delivery and begin preparations for the next event.


The load-out is an important step in the event production process. This is the step in which everything must now get taken down safely, such as lighting, AV, stage sets, and anything else that may have been created for the event. Some things will take only a matter of a few hours, while others, such as staging, might take multiple days to pack everything up and load it out.

Post-event meeting

Once the crew has struck and loaded out everything they have built and show notes have been taken, a post-event meeting with all the departments can be organized. This meeting is typically held with the event production team to review the event in detail. During this time, the event production team will typically discuss things that went according to plan and discuss what needs to be adjusted for the next event.

This team is responsible for everything that goes on during an event and thus is essential to the post-production meeting to ensure every aspect has been reviewed.

A post-conference meeting with the client is also a good idea post-event. This meeting is an excellent time for the production team to discuss what went well, how to improve the next event and gather client feedback.

Post-production marketing

After a successful event, there is sure to be plenty of raw material to be used for marketing. Many videos and photos should be used as advertisements for your next event to show what your company can produce.

  • How to use the footage

The goal is to shape the raw footage in an eye-catching and memorable way. Additionally, the more raw footage you can capture, the more "angles" you can present the footage. If you want to showcase how successful your company is at pulling off a large-scale event, you will want to include a lot of wide lens shots that showcase how many guests are in attendance.

  • Having an editing team

Using a skilled team of editors will go a long way to shape this footage proficiently. Those specialized in video editing will be able to edit the lighting, angles, music, sound effects, and video effects, all of which will contribute to making unique advertisements. Typically, those individuals with these skills and talents will be a part of the event production team. The technical development of this material and footage is as important as the other event elements.

The post-production phase of any live event is just as critical as the pre-production and production stages. During this time, the event production company will review how everything went and what could be improved next time, corroborate with the client and receive feedback. After the load-out and post-production meeting, the event production company will work diligently on creating engaging content to promote the event brand and generate an even better turnout for their next event.

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