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Sneak Peek Of The Production Phase Of Event Production

Event production companies are specialized and directed towards making your live and hybrid events seamless. With all the moving parts involved, hiring an event production company like Vision Matrix can and will make a world of difference for your next event. The production phase of the event is the phase where all of the planning comes to a close, and the true magic happens. “But what goes into the production phase?” you may ask, and we are excited to tell you!

Day of Show

Staff and crew

At your live event load-in, crew and staff should arrive a few hours before to have ample room and time to set up the production. This also is time to showcase efficiency to clients, giving them peace of mind on the ever-so nerve-wracking show day. At Vision Matrix, we strive to bring peace of mind to our clients by making sure our staff and crew during show day are not double tasked. The crew hired for the show has respective roles and is not wearing multiple hats. This ensures precision and efficiency during showtime and happy staff and crew.

Show Flow

The event show flow should be printed and distributed to everybody on staff and crew, ensuring everybody has the most up-to-date plan for the event. For multi-day events like conferences with a lengthy list of speakers each day, show flows are updated by minute to minute changes.

During the production phase of an event, the technical crew is busy monitoring, cueing, and staying alert for any technical needs required for LED walls, lighting, microphones, speakers, cameras, and other event equipment.


After carefully selecting the menu at a venue or bringing in the right caterer and hiring the best chefs and kitchen/wait staff, it’s time for your guests to enjoy the delicious meals served. The catering staff is also alert for any kitchen or dining room problems.

Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner for a 2 or 3-day conference that brings in thousands of guests, ensuring that the entertainers’ needs are met and that they perform on time is crucial. Things to consider include ensuring that their equipment is set up appropriately, that the tech team is communicating when they need to be on and off stage, and being prepared to fix any technical difficulties while on stage.

The day of any event production is nerve-wracking for any client. Thankfully, due to the diligence of your capable event production company, you won’t need to worry about the fine details. From the time the event concept is pitched to the days leading up to the show, the event production firm is diligently planning all the logistics and details of your event. On the day of the event, everything has been accounted for and incorporated into a plan so that your live event will be seamless and memorable.

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