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The Best Ways to Increase RSVPs

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Your event's success can only be guaranteed by the number of people who RSVP and show up to the event. The "flake rate" is the number of people who RSVP and unfortunately fail to be present. If you want to ensure a fantastic turnout, this article will provide you with great ideas you can use to increase the RSVPs to your next event.

1. Make invitations personal again.

Depending on the type of people you intend to invite to your event, the method used for sending invitations might need to differ. Some of your invites are busy people who have their emails overflowing. The email might get mixed up in their overloaded inbox, causing them not to notice your email. In a situation like that, sending this person an invitation via email might be the wrong approach. Some of the most effective ways to ensure an RSVP include snail-mailing your invite, leaving a message with a secretary, sending a telegram, and sending an interactive invite.

2. Make it easy to RSVP

Nothing is more annoying than receiving an invitation that you have to jump through hoops to RSVP. Nobody has time for that! The easiest way is to make it a one-step process. Vision Matrix Productions' top two pics for simplifying the collection of RSVPS are listed below.

  • One-click RSVPs: These are great for email invitations. With just One-click RSVPs embedded into your e-vite, your guest can immediately be sent a confirmation email.

  • Text Options on Invites: One of the most efficient and direct ways to get in touch with someone is through text messages. Text message RSVPs don't require waiting for someone to answer the call, making small talk with someone over the phone, waiting on hold for a long time to speak to someone, and not waiting for a confirmation reply from the event coordinator. This is due to the magic of automation systems. You can use one of these software systems to collect and confirm RSVPs most efficiently.

3. Use Social Media as a soft reminder of your event.

There is no need to bombard your guests with daily emails, phone calls, and text messages to remind them of your event. You can soften your approach yet continue to get their attention by posting captivating sizzle reels on your social media channels. Sizzle reels can include:

  • The scenes of pre-production assembly.

  • Special announcements of entertainers/ raffle items.

  • Hints of special surprises.

4. There is an art of following up directly

As mentioned, there is no need to bombard your guests with countless reminders, especially if you are handling a very exclusive VIP list. The goal is to make following up as effective as possible.

Once people have sent their RSVPs on the invitations, thank them with a confirmation email. Then, one week before the event, you can send them one follow-up email with a date reminder. The only times it’s appropriate to send direct reminders is if there are significant event changes like a change of venue or change in entertainment.

A week to forty-eight hours before the event, you can send a text reminder that requires a second confirmation with a simple "Y" letter response.

On the event day, you can send them an email reminder and text message, not to confirm but to remind them of parking instructions, attire, map, and any other important information they will need.

Lastly, you can directly follow up after the event to thank them for their attendance. Remember to be as creative, endearing, or as personal as possible.

5. Place VIP names in your invitation

When people receive invitations containing the names of any of your VIPs, they feel excited to attend. People want to be associated with events where important or well-known people are present.

6. Keep the party going.

This is an essential tip Vision Matrix Productions has for you. No matter how much money you put down for an event or how creative you can be in putting together the most fabulous function of the year, none of it will matter if you do not consistently organize events. This is because the first event starts the ball rolling for collecting people's information. That list accumulates with every event thrown and gives you more marketing power over time. Oh, and don't forget to have a sign-in sheet at the entrance and by the raffle items.

In conclusion, keep a steady pace of momentum to stay in the minds of your future guests. Reach out directly, lightly and with purpose, create captivating content online to excite daily, and be as personable as possible to increase attendance at your next event. Lastly, once your guest is through the door, give them a reason to stay until the end and return for the next event you host. Good luck!

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