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The Type of Event Crew Vision Matrix Loves to Hire

An event only functions as well as the crew who help run it, so when we, at Vision Matrix, are assembling our on-site event crew, we make sure to look for those who uphold our standards! Event production is fast-paced and adrenaline-pumping (think back to your first big event!). Because of this, there are plenty of factors to consider when hiring the right crew for the job. Here is just some of what we look for when onboarding event crew members:


Attitude is one of the first things you notice when meeting someone, regardless of the context. Are they optimistic or pessimistic? Are they introverted or extroverted? A positive attitude can go a long way, especially when working with a large crew with different experience levels. Here are some positive traits we admire:


  • How will they react when something goes against the plan?

  • How will this person fit in with our existing staff?


  • Are they uplifting their coworkers?

  • Are they a team player?


  • Are they honest about their capabilities and strengths? What about their weaknesses?


Experience is another critical area when it comes to hiring. Is this their first event? Is this their first time working for an event production company? Hiring somebody with a diverse background in event production is the ultimate goal. A wide range of event experience typically means more adaptability, knowledge, and higher success rates. We take pride in the events we produce and always strive for a crew that accurately reflects that.


At Vision Matrix, we love to produce challenging events and bring our client’s visions to light. However, sometimes - no matter how much preparation we put in - the event doesn’t always go as smoothly as planned. This is where hiring a crew that takes initiative, thinks quickly on their feet, and is adaptable to an ever-changing set of circumstances is crucial to having a successful event.

Brand image

Finally, something we value in our crew is the ability to intuitively uphold our brand image. Our staff and crew are a direct reflection of not only us, but most importantly, the event. They are often the front line when interacting with the client and attendees. A great crew influences the overall impression guests will get of your company and your event; thus, we make it our highest priority to seek out a crew that enables us to provide everyone involved with only the best experience.


Having the right crew as part of your production team is just one of many secrets to producing a fantastic event, which is why at Vision Matrix, we make it a priority to build a crew of positive, experienced, adaptable, and intuitive members. We take the time to assemble the perfect team ensuring that every event we produce is run by those we feel will represent our company, and yours, in the best light.

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