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The Value of Hosting a Smaller Event

Most of us can recall a large-scale event we’ve attended: a concert, a wedding, a gala, or a business conference. Big events like this are impactful for several reasons:

  • They are often memorable.

  • They are fun - there is nothing like the literal buzz you feel when you walk into an energized room.

At Vision Matrix, we know the value of a large-scale event cannot be overstated. Still, there is also incredible value to a Company and its attendees when we’re hired to produce a more intimate event as well:

Meeting People

One benefit of hosting a smaller event is the ability for your attendees to meet people and network. At a larger scale event, it is next to impossible to have a quiet and uninterrupted conversation. However, when you have a more intimate setting, you’re providing your attendees with more genuine opportunities to network, socialize, and truly connect with one another. People are more likely to learn (and remember!) names, make lasting connections, and approach one another in a smaller setting.

More Personal/Intimate

As stated above, it isn't easy to learn the names of everyone you come in contact with at a large event. Establishing a personal connection in an intimate event setting is much easier and less intimidating. This is great for everybody involved as it is a fantastic way to boost morale. Establishing relationships doesn't just stop at people, though. Having a smaller crowd allows guests to form a more intimate connection with your event and the cause itself.

Brand Image

Solidify your image with your attendees at your smaller event. Allowing attendees to see and meet the “faces behind your brand” creates an important layer of trust. When creating a relationship with your attendees, you want them to know you are truly putting their needs first. At a more intimate event, your guests will be able to develop their own relationship with the brand based on their own experiences and interactions.

Improve Business

Word of mouth is an impactful tool in the world of business, and what better way to gain new attendees for your next event than from the recommendations of past attendees who had a fabulous experience? Smaller events are not just wonderful for generating new clientele, but can also be great publicity! Conclusion

Small events provide immense value to the attendees as well as the Company. They are a great way to establish trust with attendees, gain new clients, and generate publicity. Big events are amazing, but often lack the more personal connections that can form between the event and other guests. Having a small event and working together with an event production company to elevate the experience is a great way to solidify your partnerships and relationships! At Vision Matrix, we understand the importance of making personal connections, which is why we love producing smaller events just as much as larger ones. As an event production company, we take pride in our ability to contribute to an amazing and memorable event that benefits both our clients as well as their attendees.

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