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Top 5 Tech Trends You'll Want To Include In Your Events In 2023

Trends are constantly changing, and here at Vision Matrix, keeping up with technology trends is one of our top priorities. 2022 came with a lot of technological advancements, but it is no match for what we're looking forward to in 2023. Here are the top five tech trends you'll want to include in your events in 2023.


In 2023, AI will be everywhere, both in big and small ways. Whether it's using AI systems to find the perfect fit for clothes or creating automatic grocery deliveries, AI will be used in plenty of companies, and it should be used in your event production too. AI has so many uses, but for event production companies, here are some things AI will enable you to do:

  • Sort through large amounts of data and narrow down your target audience

  • Figure out the best venues and vendors for your live events

  • AI for security and safety at live events

  • Help create more immersive atmospheres for hybrid events and virtual events


Augmented reality, extended reality, and virtual reality are all phrases we've heard before. Hopefully, you are beginning to incorporate these concepts into live, virtual, and hybrid events. In 2023, the importance of utilizing these will only grow.

XR can engage the audience like never before, and with the rise of the metaverse, this has never been more crucial. Things are moving to hybrid universes, and AR/XR/VR is a great way to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical worlds. By offering these technologies at your events, you are allowing your company to participate in this shift and enabling your clients to as well.


"Internet of Things" may be a term you have heard before, but if not, it is the ability of everyday objects to connect to the internet (think smartphones, smart fridges, etc.). "Internet of Things" allows for smoother interconnectivity between varying systems (consider audio, visual, lighting, and security systems). Event production companies have begun utilizing this already, but there will be a surge in 2023.

Sustainable Technology

There has been a significant push in recent years for companies and individual consumers to use more sustainable technology for the environment and our future. Not only is it good for humanity and the planet, but consumers have been taking more of a stance for sustainability and are choosing brands based on values. Nobody wants their company to get "canceled" in 2023, so making a sustainability switch is a must-do.


Last and certainly not least, the metaverse will take over in 2023, so your company needs to be on board. Projects based in the metaverse are expected to gain higher revenue, and as an event production company, we will certainly be there. Webinars, concerts, lecture circuits, and everything else have a place.

The age of technology is only growing, and getting left behind is the worst thing you could do for your company. Staying current and incorporating new technology trends is a top priority for 2023. Our top five tech trends to include in your events is a great place to start.

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