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  • How do I retrieve/reset my password?
    Note: The attendees password is auto generated and embedded within the Unique Access link within the Confirmation Email allowing the attendee to access the Virtual Lobby without entering a Username and Password. If the attendee selects a username and password then your password can be recovered by following the instructions below: How to recover your password through the website: After accessing the Login area, you can recover your password by pressing “Forgot your password?” Type your email on the text field and the press Recover Password. You can also directly access this page by clicking here An email with instructions will be sent to the address you entered.
  • How can I confirm if I am registered for the event?
    Once you have registered you will receive a Registration Confirmation email to the email that you submitted on your registration form with your Personal Unique Event ID. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your Spam folder
  • I misplaced my confirmation email with my Unique Access code.  How can I get a new one?
    The most immediate way to have your unique access code resubmitted to you is by going to the Registration Page and trying to register using the same email address you previously registered with. When entering the same email address you will receive a “You have already registered” notice. Click “Email me a link”. Your Unique link (or Magic Link will be resent to you from the Virtual Platform You will have a limited amount of time in which you can access this resubmitted link. You can also email to request to have the confirmation email resubmitted to you. Please provide your First and Last name, your email address and reason for inquiry and we will assist you as soon as possible.
  • Can I share my Unique Access Code?
    No, your Unique Access Code non- transferable, it is unique only to you and the email address entered on your registration form. If the link is shared and someone else accesses the event, the first access will be disconnected.
  • Why am I being asked if I want to disconnect from another device?
    The reason you are being asked if you would like to disconnect from another device is because you can only be logged in to the event from 1 device at a time.
  • Device Compatibility
  • What browser/device should I use to get the best experience?
    For the best viewing experience we recommend using Google Chrome. Below is a list of compatible Browsers
  • What is the Virtual Lobby vs. Landing Page?
    Landing Page: The landing page is the first you “land on” after clicking on your unique link in your confirmation email. This is where you will find “My Agenda” an overview of all sessions available listed by Date, access to the Virtual Lobby and any meetings you have created or have been invited to within the landing page. Virtual Lobby: The Virtual Lobby is where the event takes place. This online environment allows you to watch the sessions you have registered for, switch between rooms/sessions, participate in different chat groups and state one-to-one Networking conversations.
  • How do I join and leave a session?
    The available sessions within the event are also known activities, and can be found in the Virtual Lobby. To access what sessions are available to view, click on the date of interest. All sessions with a brief description will appear for the selected date. Join a Session: Access the Virtual Lobby. Once you enter, you can select a session you wish to join. Once a session is selected you will receive a ‘You are joining now’ confirmation. Select Join now When an attendee joins a session and the host has not yet joined, they will see a message “ Waiting for Broadcast”. Once the host initiates the session, the video will be visible for all attendees. Leave or Change Sessions: On the left of the screen, you can scroll between the sessions available and enter just by clicking on the chosen session and pressing YES to confirm that you want to change rooms. If you want to leave a session and go back to the Virtual Lobby main page, press the ‘Lobby’ icon at the top left of the screen.
  • What if I lose connection during a session? Will I be able to rejoin?
    Yes, just click on your unique access code that was provided to you in your confirmation email. This will take you back to the Landing page where you can access the virtual lobby and resume where you left off prior to losing connection.
  • What is My Agenda?
    The agenda is where the activities offered within the event can be found. All activities you pin will appear under “My Agenda” You can choose to “Upin” any session that you are not interested in or “Pin” the sessions you want to make sure that you don't miss. Clicking on “Virtual Room” will take you directly to that session's virtual room.
  • How do I use My Agenda?
    By Clicking on My Agenda you will have access to all the Virtual Room/Sessions available. You can choose to “Upin” any session that you are not interested in or “Pin” the sessions you want to make sure that you don't miss. Clicking on “Virtual Room” will take you directly to that session's virtual room.
  • How do I add a pinned event session to my personal calendar?
    At the bottom of the Registration Conmation email under ‘Add to Calendar’ select which calendar application you want. Calendar application must be previously installed.
  • How do I use the Chat Box?
    Once you have joined a session, on the right hand side you will see three tabs: Chat, People and File. If a session is waiting to Broadcast attendees will be able to interact prior to the stream session, such as using the chat feature and accessing files posted by the speaker. Chat: In the chat tab, you are about to connect with other attendees during the session. The chat can be viewed by all participants in the session. By clicking on one of the other participants, you will be connected and can start your conversation. People: In the people tab, all participants who are online in that session will be listed. Files: Under Files, you will be able to view and download any available files that the speaker(s) have uploaded. You must be enrolled in the session inorder to view the material.
  • How can I network with other attendees & PCF team members from the Virtual Lobby?
    Public Group Meetings: To network with other attendees, scroll to the bottom of the VIrtual Lobby homepage. All active attendees of the event will be listed here. By clicking on a person’s name you will be allowed to create a Group Room or set up an individual meeting. To search for an attendee, simply search the function on the left of the specific attendee. When you have found the person you wish to connect with, click on their name. A pop-up will display with their attendees details, and allow you to connect with them via message or video call, creating a group room. When you select ‘Ask to meet’, you can then select if this is a public or private meeting. Public meetings will create an open group room that others can join; a private meeting will ensure no others can join the group. When Public is selected, all invited attendees will now enter a group room where they can enable their camera and microphones to begin a discussion. All group rooms that have been created will be visible in the group room section. An open or closed padlock on the room will indicate if this is a public or private room. Private One-to-One Meetings: To invite someone to a private meeting click on a person(s) name. This will allow you to create a Group Room or set up an Individual Meeting. Once you invite someone to a private session, they will receive a video request and they will be able to either accept or decline it. All group group rooms that have been created will be visible in the group room section. An open or closed padlock on the room will indicate if this is a public or private room.
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