Who We Are

Committed to Excellence

Vision Matrix’s unique blend of large-scale creativity and meticulous project management produces turn-key solutions for our clients at a remarkable value. Each production provides us with a new vision, a new challenge, and a new opportunity to provide unique results that not only meet, but consistently exceed, our clients’ expectations.

Vision Matrix operates with the best that advanced equipment has to offer, and with a level of imagination and competency you won’t find elsewhere. Vision Matrix brings your visions to light

Core Team

Where the Passion Begins

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Tami is an accomplished and passionate leader with over 18 years of experience in corporate productions and a strong background in project management. 

Tami is a creative thinker who has been instrumental in pivoting her teams into the production of virtual and hybrid events, while also facilitating strategic partnerships to ehance client services and remain at the forefront of the return to live events.

Tami Lesser

Chief Executive Officer

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Josh is an accomplished and creative leader with over 30 years of experience in corporate productions and a strong background as a technical director. 

Josh is a big-picture thinker who has been instrumental in pivoting his teams into the production of virtual and hybrid events, while also facilitating strategic partnerships to enhance client services and implement cutting-edge technology into all aspects of his projects.

Josh Lesser



Tom is a consummate creative force with over 25 years of art direction and producing experience in corporate productions of live & virtual events, conferences, summits, concerts and more.

With a unique blend of creativity, imagination, and technical know-how, Tom manages ideas and concepts from incubation to final product & exeution, translating client goals to reality. In each project, Tom provides a new vision, challenge & opportunity to always exceed client expectations.

Tom Magallanes

Producer/Creative Director

Tabitha Kenney

Production Manager

Brian Person

Director of Production 

Melanie Lavallee

Production Manager


Buddy believes that every day is a good day. He is always a good boy.


Office Dog 


Tabitha believes the art of service and the ability to make a client feel comfortable is the most valued asset any brand can possess. She feels at ease in a dynamic and constantly changing environment.

With a foundation in world travel, she draws from her experiences of people, culture and surroundings, and brings her global knowledge to the Vision Matrix team.


Brian has a multi-talented, diverse background with over 35 years of experience directing, designing and producing live corporate studio productions, staged events and themed integrations.

Brian is devoted to providing storytellers with the technical support they need to be seen and heard by their audiences. His greatest talents are interpreting client's needs, and finding proactive solutions to challenges.

Brian leads by providing support to his teams, motivating them to succeed.


A veteran in the event industry for 17 years, Melanie is a passionate, forward-thinking individual who never compromises on quality and who routinely makes things happen. She is an expert at coordinating the workload of team members and managing the logistics surrounding an event in order to keep things on track and deliver results. 

A true professional, Melanie has a thorough knowledge of the event production process and strives to be top-notch, adding value to everything she does.