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Who We Are

Committed to Excellence

Vision Matrix’s unique blend of large-scale creativity and meticulous project management produces turn-key solutions for our clients at a remarkable value. Each production provides us with a new vision, a new challenge, and a new opportunity to provide unique results that not only meet, but consistently exceed, our clients’ expectations.

Vision Matrix operates with the best that advanced equipment has to offer, and with a level of imagination and competency you won’t find elsewhere. Vision Matrix brings your visions to light

The Team

Tami Lesser Cutout.jpg

Tami is an accomplished and passionate leader with over 18 years of experience in corporate productions and a strong background in project management. 

Tami is a creative thinker who has been instrumental in pivoting her teams into the production of virtual and hybrid events, while also facilitating strategic partnerships to ehance client services and remain at the forefront of the return to live events.

Tami Lesser

Chief Executive Officer

Josh Lesser Cutout_edited.png

Josh is an accomplished and creative leader with over 30 years of experience in corporate productions and a strong background as a technical director. 

Josh is a big-picture thinker who has been instrumental in pivoting his teams into the production of virtual and hybrid events, while also facilitating strategic partnerships to enhance client services and implement cutting-edge technology into all aspects of his projects.

Josh Lesser


Richard Bevan Cutout.jpg

Born and raised in Kansas, Richard ventured to LA after graduating high school and continued his education in sound engineering. He began working as a show technician on cruise ships, spending 108 days on a world cruise. After two years, he joined A1 Audio, where he toured alongside Johnny Mathis, Julio Iglesias, and many others. Outside of his eminent work life, Richard surrounds himself with family and his two beloved dogs. One thing he is most proud of is being a positive role model for his two children, including leading his son to achieve his Eagle Scout rank.

Richard Bevan

Senior Vice President of Production

Tom Magallanes Cutout_edited.jpg

Tom obtained his bachelor's degree in art & design at Cal-Poly University in San Luis Obispo. He is a consummate creative force, securing 25 years of dedication and core expertise in art direction and producing live & virtual corporate events, conferences, summits, concerts and more. Using his inherent blend of imagination and technical savvy, he nurtures concepts from incubation to finished product, transforming client goals into reality. Tom is unmatched in customer relations as he continues to exceed client expectations, consistently presenting new visions, challenges, and opportunities to each individual project.

Tom Magallanes

Creative Director

Melanie Lavallee Cutout_edited.png

A veteran in the event industry for 17 years, Melanie is a passionate, forward-thinking individual who never compromises on quality and who routinely makes things happen. She is an expert at coordinating the workload of team members and managing the logistics surrounding an event in order to keep things on track and deliver results. 

A true professional, Melanie has a thorough knowledge of the event production process and strives to be top-notch, adding value to everything she does.

Melanie Lavallee

Project Manager

Melissa Ruge Cutout.jpg

Melissa is excited to join the VM team after working diligently for over 16 years in the live entertainment industry. She has substantial experience as a Stage Manager and Administrator. Melissa enjoys using her innate planning and organizational skills to manage event details while allowing others on her team to shine in their own prospective genius.
When not hard at work, she can be found spending quality time with family, hiking or seeking her inner Zen through yoga.

Melissa Ruge

Production Coordinator

Dani Bernal Cutout.jpg

Dani is an established marketing specialist here at VM and has been a digital marketer for 10 years, specializing in business-to-business marketing. One of her tactics for driving consumer engagement is utilizing various digital channels. She's passionate about media, business development, art, writing, family and health. Her favorite meal is pepperoni pizza dressed in ranch & hot sauce.
Outside of work, you can find her skating to Pilates, surfing, or entertaining a pack of K-9's depending on how many friends her dog has over that day. Her biggest future aspirations are to be a mother and build a fully sustainable business of her own.

Dani Bernal

Marketing Specialist

Brian Person Cutout.jpg

Brian has a multi-talented, diverse background with over 35 years of experience directing, designing and producing live corporate studio productions, staged events and themed integrations.

Brian is devoted to providing storytellers with the technical support they need to be seen and heard by their audiences. His greatest talents are interpreting client's needs, and finding proactive solutions to challenges.

Brian leads by providing support to his teams, motivating them to succeed.

Brian Person

 Director of Production 


Please welcome Kim to the team

Kim Moore Ferguson

Staff Accountant


Please welcome Ryan to the team.

Vasia Ivanov

Production Coordinator

Daniel Lesser-Green.jpg

Daniel is a college student attending Loyola Marymount University. He's a natural self-starter, having launched two businesses of his own before discovering his true passion, production. This discovery transpired into one of his most prominent goals, to successfully establish himself in the production industry. He is a musical connoisseur who believes that life is incomplete without it. The meal to his heart is Sushi. When he isn't dedication himself to work or school, you can find him participating in sports, which have been a significant part of his life since childhood. "I am young but dedicated to this field, so watch out"

Danny Lesser

Marketing Coordinator

Tabitha Kenney Cutout.jpg

Tabitha joined the team at Vision Matrix as a Production Coordinator nearly eight years ago, possessing 15 years of experience in the event industry, where she worked closely with the House of Blues on Sunset Strip and Hollywood & Highland, the venue for the Oscar Awards. Her primary belief is that the art of service combined with the ability to make a client feel comfortable is the most valued asset any brand can possess. Tabitha uses her foundation in world travel, she draws from her experiences with people, cultures, and surroundings to continue evolving and pushing forward.

Tabitha Kenney

Production Manager

Douglas Johnson Cutout.jpg

"No matter where you go, there you are," a quote Douglas embraces as he explores the world on foot. He finds joy in walking, sometimes for miles and especially in places he has never been. Living an active lifestyle works up quite an appetite, which for Douglas usually results in grabbing a hot slice of pizza. His favorite film is Unforgiven, an award-winning presentation starring Clint Eastwood. In the remainder of his free time, he enjoys drawing, delving into history, or heading outside to read a good book.

Douglas Johnson

Media Manager 

Michael Rickley Cutout.jpg

Michael considers himself a nerdy, nature-loving, world traveling cinephile who makes it a point to celebrate life. He is accompanied by a wife and two loyal dogs.
After serving, Michael became a decorated Veteran of the United States Army.
In his professional life, he's aquired valuable experience in digital media production, including AV tech support and video teleconferencing, photography, videography, and video editing. In addition to these skills, Michael demonstrates the expertise to properly operate various event production equipment, such as digital video switchers & audio mixers, projection and lighting.

Michael Rickley

AV Specialist


Buddy believes that every day is a good day. He is always a good boy.


Office Dog 1

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 2.07.11 PM.png

Gwen is a good girl who brings joy to everyone she meets.


Office Dog 2

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