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How Incorporating Drones into Your Event Can Help the Environment

In 2023, everybody will be using drones! This multifaceted technology is incredibly helpful, but more than that, it can be used to make events more environmentally friendly! At Vision Matrix, we care about our environmental impact and strive for more eco-friendly options, which is why drones are a great piece of technology for events.

Mapping for sustainability

After our client selects the venue, it is up to our production team to perform a site survey. After careful research, we found that drone technology has proven a great asset to help gain an accurate ariel representation of a location. Drone mapping allows production teams to be much more efficient during a site survey. When the pre-production of an event becomes more efficient, an event becomes more sustainable. Drone Mapping has made producing more efficient and sustainable by providing easy-to-understand maps and diagrams for everyone involved that can be used not just once, but every year an event takes place. These precise images allow everyone to easily navigate the venue during production setup. Being able to get around at an event is something we at Vision Matrix don’t take for granted, especially when we produce large-scale yearly conferences such as The Milken Institute Global Conference.

Replacing fireworks

Everybody loves a good firework show; there is no better feeling than watching the beautiful lights bring in the New Year or celebrating the 4th of July. Unfortunately, fireworks contain harmful chemicals that are released into the atmosphere. These chemicals include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen, which are greenhouse gases furthering the negative impact of climate change. Drones are a perfect solution to this problem. Drone shows are created using many synchronized drones hovering in the air and artistically illuminating the sky. Unlike fireworks, drones can create images in the air using colorful, choreographed light patterns. This performance is easier on the environment and can be far more spectacular and memorable for attendees!


Drones can also assist in helping the environment when it comes to deliveries at live events. If permitted by the venue, drones can deliver food, drinks, packages, and more. Typically, this service is seen at restaurants or commercial companies such as Amazon, but it can very quickly be situated to aid at a live event. This is memorable, innovative, and more eco-friendly due to the electric battery replacing fueled delivery trucks!

As an event production company, we are always looking at our carbon footprint and environmental impact when producing events. While drones cannot fix the whole problem of climate change, the minor impact it makes adds up in the long run. Allowing us to incorporate drones at your next live event, whether for deliveries, in place of fireworks, or scoping out the venue, is sure to have an impact.

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