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How Producing Smaller Events Can Provide More Value

Introduction Everybody can recall a large-scale event in their life: a concert, a wedding, a gala, or maybe a conference. Big events like this are impactful for so many reasons:

  • They are memorable

  • They showcase the capabilities of the event production company.

  • There is nothing like the literal buzz you feel when you walk into an energized room.

We all know the value of a big event cannot be overstated. Still, there is a shocking amount of weight in producing a small event, too, especially the level of personal connection an attendee can form with the event.

1. Meeting People

One benefit of producing smaller events is the ability to meet people and network. In a significant event full of people, it is next to impossible to have a quiet and uninterrupted conversation. However, when you produce a small event, you give guests more opportunities to network and socialize. People are more likely to learn names, make connections, and approach strangers when there aren't as many people.

2. More Personal/Intimate As stated above, it isn't easy to learn the names of everyone you come in contact with at a large event production. It is much easier to establish a personal connection in a smaller event setting. This is great for business, not only for the event production company but also for the attendees. Establishing relationships doesn't just stop at people, though. Having a smaller crowd allows the audience to form a more intimate connection with the event itself.

3. Brand Image Solidify your image with your clients and guests by hosting a small event. Allowing customers to see the people behind your brand creates another layer of trust. When clients look at multiple products/brands/services/companies, they are inclined to go with the one with their best interest in mind. It is easy for a brand to say their priority is their client, but it is much easier to trust that message when they have had the opportunity to join a small and intimate event.

4. Improve Business Word of mouth is an impactful tool in the world of business, and what better way to gain new customers than from the recommendations of existing customers? Advocacy live events help to inform those about your brand, service, company, or product. Small events like these are wonderful for generating new clientele and great publicity!


Small events provide immense value to the customer as well as the company. They are a great way to establish trust with clientele, gain new clients, and generate publicity. Big events are amazing, but often lack the more personal connections that can form to the event and other guests. Hosting a small event production is a great way to solidify customer relationships!

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