Why You Shouldn’t Sign a Venue Contract Without Consulting With An Event Production Company

Updated: Apr 22

By: Dani Bernal

Tami Lesser, Ower of Vision Matrix

Nothing is more sensitive than legalities and paperwork. While selecting a venue to host your next event, you might want to take responsibility and secure a venue on your own. However, it would be wise to consult with an event production before signing a venue contract. There are delicate factors and clauses in the agreement that you might not understand that can put you in a bind.

Not only that, but there is so much to understand because, beyond the contract agreement, you will sign. There is vital information like venue policies and guidelines that you need to consider. Hiring an event production company that knows how to deal with venue contract negotiations and finalize in the required manner will benefit you tremendously.

This article shall enlighten you on why you should involve an event production company before signing the venue contract for your big event.

1. Due Date of Specific Details and Payments

The success of an event is not only in the venue where it will be hosted. A venue may require you to make payments a month before the event, and another venue might require you to make payments four business days before the event. These important details could be missed because not all venues function the same. Before signing a venue contract, you should have the due date of the payments and other specific details.

Most venues have contracts with deadlines for providing specific event details like the number of guests that you host, menu selections for your guests, the order of the events, and approval of the final plan of the floor occurrences, among other details. All details which you have yet to iron out. This can be quite stressful for a solo person, so involving an events production team to oversee such information before signing the venue contract should be on your must-do list.

2. Venue Policies and Guidelines

Aside from signing the contract agreement, there is important information like venue policies and agreements that you need to understand carefully. Every venue has its policies and guidelines that are different from every other venue you've hosted before. Some of these policies might include;

• A policy on reducing the number of guests attending your event.

Every event plan indicates the number of guests you expect to attend your event. However, a venue might have a guest reduction policy in their contract agreement, which you might, unfortunately, overlook due to how overwhelming and lengthy the process and contracts might be. The policy might need you to do a final guest count to fit in the guest count of the agreement, which would otherwise attract a penalty. Therefore, consulting an event production company is necessary to help you make an educated decision in such a scenario.

• A policy on the preferred vendors in the venue.

This policy on vendor exclusivity helps you understand if you need to use the in-house vendors in the venue or whether you are permitted to bring in a vendor that is not on the venue's vendors list. You need to understand well these two situations since choosing any of these options will affect your budget. If you intend to bring in your vendor, you will need to pay a fee only if the policy allows you. Before rushing into making such a huge decision for your event, the best thing you can do is consult an experienced event organizing team to oversee your budget and how greatly such a policy can affect the whole plan for your event.

Such policies, among others, should be a reason enough to take counsel from an event production team.

3. The budget of the venue

A venue contract includes the money you are required to pay for the venue. Signing the contract before analyzing the fees without a professional event production team might cause a considerable shift in your budget for the whole event. You have to keep in mind that the venue fee should be a standardized amount included in the entire planning of the event.

Amenities like parking, wifi, security, power, and other auxiliary fees will add when choosing a venue. This can affect your whole venue budget significantly. When working with Vision Matrix, we will advise you on which venue to host your event will be most beneficial.

For example, suppose you have a venue where you must pay additional costs but invite Vision Matrix team to help. In that case, you might be surprised by our expertise in several stellar and unique venues that might help you cut costs on the venue budget. Therefore, before signing a venue contract, take it upon yourself to involve our production team.

A venue contract is a legal document binding you to all the policies and guidelines of the specified venue. It might be easy to overlook or not understand some clauses in the contract, probably because you are already too overwhelmed with the whole event. Therefore, it is advisable to turn to an events production company like us for some help because we have seen more venue contracts with our experience. Feel free to ask questions whenever you need enlightening. After you have already signed it, dealing with issues in the agreement is a nightmare that could be avoided.

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